Can Upside send me a product in multiple sizes when I order online and send you back what doesn't fit?

We do not encourage the customer practice of so-called bracketing; ordering online the same item in several sizes for us to ship to you. If we see this on the order, we will contact you to discuss your sizing requirements.

Can Upside send me some of your products so I can review them on my social media and blog?

We do not support the social media influencer practice of so-called hauls; acquiring a number of apparel items simultaneously, as this excessive consumerist behaviour promotes fast fashion. Rather, we rely on the word of mouth recommendations by our customers based on the quality of our products, services, and customer experience.

Can I collaborate with Upside to create merchandise that promotes my charity or cause?

We do not engage in merching for a specific cause as we feel the administrative overhead is too great and that funds are more efficiently put to use when donated directly to charities and non-governmental organizations.

Can I commission Upside to make me an article of clothing to my design and measurements?

It depends on the project. We handle this on an individual, customer by customer basis. Please see the Services we offer for more information.

Can I be a brand ambassador for Upside?

Thanks for your interest! Please send us your bio and a brief story stating why you would be a great brand ambassador for Upside's line of functional fashion for city cycling.