Our Story

a shift in style

Upside is functional fashion for city cycling designed, manufactured, and sold in Toronto, and online across Canada and around the world

Our Name

At Upside, as our name would suggest, we want you to look for the opportunity to make a positive difference. We want you to make the most of it - starting with the clothes you wear. At work. At school. At home. On the road. We want to inspire change in and around you.


Our Mission

a shift in style. With its double entendre: looking good while cycling and being an eco-friendly agent of change in fashion. Our slogan and brand values reflect Upside's mission to be part of the solution and not part of the fast fashion problem in the garment industry where 100 billion garments are manufactured every year.

At Upside, we align our mission and business strategy with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals including climate action and responsible production and consumption. We want to help you to choose cycling as a healthy, zero-emission mode of transportation by making apparel that is comfortable to wear both on your bicycle and in your workplace.


Our Operations

Launched in 2014, Upside is an independent, woman-owned Canadian business and sustainable fashion label designing, manufacturing, and retailing ready-to-wear and athleisure apparel to urban cyclists. We incorporate sustainability into our everyday operations.

A native of Toronto, Upside's Founder & Designer, Krista Ozolins, is a graduate of McGill University and the Ontario College of Art and Design. She has also studied fashion at George Brown College. Her clothing lines have been distributed all over Toronto in a variety of high end fashion boutiques. Through the Toronto Fashion Incubator, Krista was a finalist for the New Labels fashion competition. Krista is a mother of two.


Our Designs

We are committed by design to the environment. We design functional fashion for city cycling; apparel that can be worn both while commuting to and from work by bike and while working in the office.

Krista creates beautiful designs with her modern take on classics styles keeping your needs as city cyclist in mind to provide practicality in and longevity to your wardrobe.


Our Textiles & Fabrics

We use an ever increasing selection of sustainable textile fibres and ethical fabrics including bamboo and merino wool, which are mostly sourced from Canadian suppliers.

We keep up to date with the availability of textiles and fabrics that have a low carbon footprint including those that are partially or entirely recyclable or have been recycled or upcycled to incorporate into our designs and manufacturing.


Our Manufacturing Process

We do not send any of our apparel manufacturing overseas, known as offshoring. We manufacture all of our clothing locally in the vibrant community of Kensington Market, a National Historic Site of Canada, with its local purveyors of fresh foods and goods in Toronto. We produce either in-house or with outsourced local manufacturing partners.


Our Products & Collections

Traditionally, the fashion industry did 4 collections a year. Newer fast fashion companies and brands are doing up to 50 collections a year.

At Upside, we don't do annual collections. Rather, we add products to our existing collections depending on market research, fabric supplies, and customer feedback.

We also avoid expensive, resource-intensive photo shoots in exotic locations with their associated travel costs and high carbon footprints.


Our Retail Location

The first Upside store opened in Toronto's Annex neighbourhood where it was featured in NOW Magazine, BlogTO, and other Toronto publications.

We are now located in the heart of the city in Kensington Market, accessible by cycling, walking, transit, and other forms of transportation in a neighbourhood that closes its streets to cars and motorized traffic several times a year. We provide bike parking at our location for our customers.


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